And Now It's Time For Brave Staring Arcade Fire

  • Richy: I don't want to get married
  • Win: too bad u fucking bitch
  • Tim: listen to Win, Richy
  • Richy: ugh I'm getting set up with so many ugly people
  • Régine: hello child u wanna change ur fate
  • Richy: why yes totally not suspicious voodoo witch
  • Régine: take this
  • Richy: ok
  • Régine: hahaha that gullible fucker
  • Richy: oh shit Win's a bear
  • Win: ?????
  • Richy: we gotta reverse the curse
  • Will, Jeremy, and Owen: lol what's this
  • Richy: shit now they're bears
  • Will, Jeremy, and Owen: ?????
  • Richy: help
  • Régine: ok fine
  • Win: yay I'm not a bear anymore
  • Richy: my fate has been changed
  • Win: not yet lol
  • Richy: god dammit


do you ever have those times at 4am where you get so motivated and decide to get all your shit together and then plan out your entire life and future and then the next morning you’re just like lol



aries: bro ho

taurus: realest ho

gemini:  fake ho

cancer: sensitive ho

leo: cool ho

virgo: bitch ho

libra: smart ass ho

scorpio: best ho

sagittarius: chill ho

capricorn: bitter ho

aquarius:  crazy ho

pisces:  magical ho

why are these so real

Anonymous asked:

Hey!! Can you tell the whole you/alex story to us?

wow yeah ok sure! uhmm well Alex and I met in high school i was a sophmore about to be a junior and he was graduating and i dont remember exactly when we met i think my best friend lily had something to do with it but i remember it was almost the end of the year and he and some of his friends were sitting in the library and i saw him and sat with him and we chatted for a little bit but then he had to leave and i pretty much didnt see him again for a few years. then fast forward to early 2013 and im back in canada living with my dad and im on facebook one night chatting with lily and i think we started talking with alex and then alex and i just started talking as by ourselves and that was around february i believe. and we eventually talked all day and texted and chatted through facebook and i even changed my phone plan to unlimited US texting because we wanted to talk so much :] we just talked and talked and stayed up late calling each other and laughing about random things at 2 in the morning and it was just amazing the only other person i became so connected with so easily was lily and here was this funny, smart, cute guy who was just friggin perfect!

he was SO shy at first though to tell me how he felt and i ended up hearing that he really liked me from lily and i kinda pulled it out of him that he liked me like that instead of just a friend and god did i like him back hes just so great! we were like a couple of kids in the first grade saying back and forth well are we a couple now? idk do you want to be? idk what do you think? and we eventually started dating march 21st 2013. now this was all long distance so of course i wanted to see him! so i planned a double date with lily and her boyfriend because i was coming to visit late march for spring break/MTAC and was gonna be in nashville for a week. so we went on our date and i saw alex in person for the first time in years and god he was so cute and smelled so good i was so fuckin happy i thought i was gonna cry for a sec, i grabbed his hand and didnt want to let go for the rest of the date. we eventually went to daltons place and watched a bit of jeopardy and when dalton and lily were distracted i looked at him and asked if we could kiss and we had our first kiss there :] after we went to this god awful chinese buffet by where lily used to live and the food was so bad but it was hilarious so whatever we didnt care and then we came back to my place to watch silent hill and then the guys left and the date was done :] Alex didnt come to MTAC but that didnt even matter i got to see him a couple more times before i went back to canada. 

now, living in canada all i really did was work and the people i worked with were all older than me and not really friend material and i had a couple friends but they turned out to be either creeps or backstabbers so i got lonely. like depressed what am i doing with my life i hate everyhting around me lonely. im an extrovert so i NEED people and considering the two people i loved most live down in nashville i made the decision to move back. alex was of course excited and so was lily and things were good for a while and then lily moved to knoxville with her bf and lots of drama and garbage happened to me but alex has seriously just been a jem. hes my solid rock hes supportive, loving, kind genuine and through all my hard times ive had hes been just nothing but sensible and great with me. we have some fights sure every couple does but nothing changes how much i love him and that i want to spend the rest of my life with him :] weve been dating now for almost 18 months and spent last new years together and valentines and my birthday together :] this year im going to be with him for christmas and he took me to my first legit concert to see The National. and of course we went and saw Arcade Fire together ill never forget that ever.  he not only has shaped my music taste for the better but hes inspired me to be healthier and more active and also to pretty much not take shit from anybody. we take care of each other and support each others decisions and styles and i truly couldnt ask for a better best friend/boyfriend/soulmate :] thanks for asking me this anon <3